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Key Benefits of Learning Cloud Computing for Your Career 

Cloud computing is a rapidly growing career option. Professionals with expertise in cloud computing are in high demand, and this demand is only going to increase as the use of remote access increases.

If you are looking for a career in Cloud Computing, you must enroll in a top university in India. Medhavi Skills University – The best cloud computing college in Sikkim offers a well-structured program that is planned by industry experts.

Read on to know more about how a career in the field of cloud computing can benefit you.

best cloud computing college in Sikkim

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing provides on-demand access to various computer services via the internet. Cloud computing provides users with remote access to software, applications, various services, and data. The availability of unlimited data storage is another factor that is contributing to its growing popularity.

Future Scope of Cloud Computing in India

Nearly 90% of businesses worldwide are already using the cloud, and the global public cloud computing market is expected to exceed USD 350 billion in the coming years. Furthermore, most organizations spend more than one-third of their IT budget on Cloud Services. Indeed, Cloud Computing is here to stay and will require an increasing number of skilled professionals, which should be enough to entice you to pursue a career in the Cloud Computing domain.

Benefits of Choosing Cloud Computing as a Career

Anyone who works in IT understands the value of cloud computing. The cloud enables organizations to easily scale their services, from deploying applications to the cloud to using the cloud for data storage to enabling mobile work for an organization.

Offers a High Paying Job

The average salary of a Cloud Computing Professional in India is approximately INR 1,32,000, according to Glassdoor. In the United States, it is approximately $125,000 per year. Annual salaries in the United Kingdom and Australia can also exceed 100,000 pounds/euro. Moreover, experts believe that there is job security in the field of cloud computing.

It’s a Booming Industry

According to McKinsey & Company, more than 60% of industrial companies are actively using cloud solutions. This number is expected to rise as companies look for ways to increase their productivity.

Provides Exposure to New Projects and Opportunities

A Cloud Computing professional’s skills don’t just include infrastructure management; they also include network management, security, data protection, disaster recovery, and many other things. As a Cloud Computing professional, you will have the chance to work with the newest technologies, learn more and get better at what you already know.

Job Roles in Cloud Computing

You will not be limited to one type of position if you want to work with the cloud. You could be a cloud architect, cloud administrator, cloud security expert, software engineer, or work in development and operations.

Cloud Administrator

Cloud Administrators oversee a company’s cloud infrastructure and presence. They establish security protocols and policies, monitor, and ensure uptime, develop, enforce, and update policies for how employees and users access cloud services, and evaluate the need for technological advancements.

Cloud Network Engineer

A Cloud Network Engineer is responsible for the design and maintenance of cloud services for their organisation across a network, whether it be for a specific division or for the entire company.

Cloud Security Analyst

Cloud Security Analysts are responsible for ensuring the security and integrity of a company’s cloud presence. They do this by figuring out the threats and building stronger defences against them. They also try to stop data breaches, keep data safe, and close security holes if a breach does happen.

Cloud Automation Engineer

Cloud automation engineers are required to design, implement, and support this automation technology as it migrates to the cloud. This automation frees people from doing the same things over and over again.

Cloud Consultant

A cloud consultant knows a lot about cloud technologies and helps businesses that want to use cloud-based tools. The cloud consultant looks at a company’s needs and makes suggestions for software and devices that best meet the company’s technical and financial needs. The consultant could also help with the move to the cloud by making plans for migration and choosing the right platforms.

Think of cloud architecture as the framework within which all other cloud technologies work. It is the house’s frame, and all the cloud-specific specialities like flooring, plumbing, drywall, and finishing are like the plumbing, wiring, and finishing.

The cloud architects are like a general contractor because they plan and carry out the cloud computing strategies for a company. They make sure that everything stays on schedule and budget.

What MSU Offers in Cloud Computing Course?

Medhavi Skills University (MSU) offers a three-year undergraduate course in Cloud Computing and Security. The program is intended to teach students how to use high-demand application software and networking platforms.

The BCA cloud computing program focuses on Cloud Technology, Virtualization Technology, Data Centers, Networking, and Operating Systems. This course offers a wide range of technical and programming skill sets.

Students will acquire an advanced understanding of data analysis, mobile architecture, Security policies, Cryptography, Hacking techniques, app development, web development, data management, and every aspect of information security and cloud technology. Medhavi Skills University is a renowned BCA college in Sikkim and is among the top university in Sikkim. We offer job-guaranteed cloud computing courses in India.