“MSU and Indian Airforce signs MoU to provide Higher Education for IAF fraternity”            “Last Date to submit RFP FOR QUALIFICATION & CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT has been extended till 15th June 2023.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with INIFD for the Fashion and Interior designing programmes.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with The Marriott Westin for the Hospitality & Hotel Management programmes.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with Critical Care Hospital & Research Institute for Healthcare programmes.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with The Fern Hotels & Resorts for the Hospitality & Hotel Management programmes.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with The Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPA).”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with Medicity Guwahati Aruna Memorial Hospital for Healthcare programmes.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with Holiday Inn Express an IHG Hotel for the Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Operations.”“Admission Open for Work Integrated Programme Session 2022-23.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with National Skill DevelopmentCorporation (NSDC) to promote long term skill-embedded degree/diploma courses among students who have completed either class 10 or 12.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn an IHG Hotel for the 3-Year Degree program in B.Sc. Hospitality & Hotel Management.”“Medhavi Skills University established on 24th June,2021.”“Medhavi Skills University is UGC Recognised.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with the Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with the Directorate General Of Training.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with B4M Entertainment.”“Medhavi Skills University has signed an MoU with the Centre of Excellence in Maritime & Shipbuilding (CEMS), a skill development initiative by the Indian Register of Shipping (IRCLASS) and Sagarmala – Ministry of Ports, Shipping & Waterways.”

Our Blogs
Our Blogs

Semester Chronicles: Celebrating The Past And Embarking The New Chapter At MSU.

Welcome to the new Adventure! 

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey as we dive into a brand-new semester at Medhavi Skills University! Looking back on our epic first semester, we conquered the foundation program’s four thrilling phases: Prarambh, Parikrama, Pragati, and Parikalpana. These quests forged our path in higher education and sculpted the purpose it would play in our lives.

Prarambh – The Beginning

Our voyage began by unraveling the university’s secrets and the sacred culture that binds us. We discovered the guiding values and principles that shaped our vibrant community and met the mentors and guides—the faculty and staff—who would be our compass throughout this unforgettable journey.

Parikrama – 360 Degree View

Next, we dove headfirst into a world of socialization, creativity, and exploration. We forged bonds with our fellow adventurers, engaged in group challenges, and unleashed our inner artists through various creative endeavors.

 Pragati – Skills in Action

The third phase saw us putting our newfound skills into action. We delved into different sectors, explored intriguing areas of interest, and dared to step beyond our comfort zones, pushing ourselves to learn and grow.

Parikalpana – Sketching the Road Ahead

Finally, we glimpsed the road ahead, recognizing the challenges and opportunities waiting for us. We received invaluable guidance, equipping us to navigate the twists and turns of our future with confidence and determination.

The previous semester at Medhavi Skills University was a whirlwind of excitement and adventure. With a thirst for knowledge and an eagerness to learn, we delved deeper into our foundational subjects, exploring new ideas and expanding our horizons. Our journey took us on a variety of educational field trips, skill electives, and club activities, each designed to challenge us and broaden our perspectives. From visiting historical landmarks to learning new skills, we were exposed to a world of knowledge and possibilities.

The annual sports meet was one of the most thrilling events of the semester, as we competed with our peers in friendly yet competitive games. The sound of cheering and applause filled the air as we ran, jumped, and played our way to victory, creating unforgettable memories that we will always treasure.

As the semester came to a close, we were excited to showcase our newfound knowledge and skills at the electrifying Skill Fest. This event was the culmination of our hard work and dedication, where we presented our projects and demonstrated our proficiency in various fields. We felt a sense of pride and accomplishment as we received recognition for our achievements.

Looking back on the semester, we are filled with gratitude for the amazing experiences we had and the valuable lessons we learned. We are excited to build on these experiences and continue to grow and learn as we move forward in our academic journey at Medhavi Skills University.

Gearing Up for the Next Adventure: A New Semester Awaits 

As we prepare to set sail for the upcoming semester, we’ll immerse ourselves in our core subjects while continuing to strengthen our foundational skills. We’ll polish our English and communication skills through IELTS preparation, sharpen our quantitative reasoning abilities, and dive into a skill drill subject tailored to our passions.

At Medhavi Skills University, our compass points to “purpose and process,” guiding us toward unparalleled productivity. Our unique approach to higher education emphasizes holistic development and practical skills. We know our journey isn’t just about earning a degree – it’s about forging ourselves into the heroes who will tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities life has in store.

So, let’s strap in, fuel up with fresh energy and enthusiasm, and make this semester even more fulfilling and rewarding than the last. Together, we’ll learn, grow, and leave a lasting, positive impact on the world around us. With unwavering determination and unity, there’s no limit to the heights we can reach!

As we set forth on this exciting new chapter, let’s not forget the lessons we’ve learned and the memories we’ve created along the way. We’ll use our experiences as stepping stones to forge an even brighter and more fulfilling future. Whether it’s through academics, extracurriculars, or simply helping one another, our collective power will propel us to greatness.

Now is the time to harness our potential and unleash it upon the world. At Medhavi Skills University, we’re not just students—we’re pioneers, innovators, and trailblazers, destined to leave our mark on society. So, let’s unite, learn from each other, and embark on this thrilling adventure with open minds and hearts.

Are you ready to make this semester legendary? Let the adventure begin!