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Shape Your Futuristic Career With New Age Interior Design Courses.

Today’s designing careers are becoming increasingly popular among new generations. Especially when it comes to Gen Z, designing comes to them as a diverse and creative area of employment, where they have the freedom to innovate. While fashion and graphic design had been in demand for quite a number of years, the field of interior design has made its surge quite recently. Nowadays, new generation customers require their spaces to be theme based and aligned perfectly with their tastes and preferences. Residential spaces, office spaces, classrooms, training centers, restaurants, auditoriums, theaters, airports, malls, etc. are seeking to render pleasant experiences to their customers by re-inventing their interior design perceptions. And with the increasing demand of this occupation, you too can tap into this opportunity and build a lucrative profession as a certified and trained interior designer.

So What Is Interior Design?

Interior design is the profession of shaping the insides of a given space with the aim to deliver personalized customer experiences in offices, homes or any enclosed area. A certified and trained interior designer is tasked with the responsibility to identify the specific needs of the customer, keep track of their shifting preferences, manage iteration cycles within the given deadlines and identify new opportunities to exceed customer expectations by rewarding them with edge, novelty and innovations.

What Is New Age Interior Design?

New-age interior design is the modern-day trend that seeks to embed sensory, futuristic, abstract, environment-oriented, and technology-centric elements to the existing interior design paradigms. This includes shaping architectures that align with sustainability and innovation goals. As modern-day customers are environment conscious and futuristic, building an atmosphere that caters to their sense of vision and values is of utmost importance. Gone are the days when customers solely valued designs aligned with limited perceptions like false ceilings and colors. Today, they want their spaces to be in line with modernism, sustainability, and future-centric ambiance. Modern office spaces, for example, root for interior design themes that reflect the agile mindset, work flexibility, and a sense of innovativeness. Modern homes on the other hand are nowadays into sustainable spaces like zen gardens, miniature water streams, plantation-supporting architectures, interiors made of sustainable paints, materials, concealed spaces, and sensory renderings. We are also seeing a rapid increase in technology-enabled smart spaces like smart homes, smart workplaces, etc. These facilities are making extensive use of emerging technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain, etc. as integral parts of their design strategies. Nowadays, to help customers make correct speculations about their choices, designers are even making use of AR/VR to deliver quality simulations of the space before design implementations. Overall, the new-age interior design aims to align strategic practices with evolving customer perceptions. The scope of new-age interior design is booming worldwide, with more and more Gen Z customers realizing the need to reshape their spaces with personalized elements driven by technology and innovation.

What Skills Do You Require To Become A New Age Interior Designer?

Meeting customer demands in today’s interior design market can be both exciting and challenging. To deliver the right results, you require some basic skills that will help you propel your career as an interior designer.

  • Listening Skills

Since interior design projects involve taking note of crucial requirements from customers, cultivating listening skills is of utmost importance. The mandate for any interior design project is to innovate and render deliverables within the boundaries set by their customers and make the latter aware of the corresponding budgets. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of the customer requirements is vital in this profession.

  • Visualization Skills

When a customer shares their requirement, it is the duty of the interior designer to visualize how the space would look and feel after a certain design has been implemented. This is because the customer would ultimately hold the designer responsible if the outcome disappoints them or fails to meet their requirements. Therefore, the designer has to first run a mental simulation of the outcome and suggest changes to the customer so that they take carefully calculated decisions. Although AR/VR technologies are nowadays aiding to this process through 3D simulations, still, you as a professional interior designer need to have a concrete perception of the real world outcome of the final design.

  • Procurement Skills

Once the customer requirements are noted, you have to commence the project by gathering all the necessary materials like paints, slabs, cements, planks, tiles, furniture pieces, etc. This requires supply chain acumen and people management skills to ensure timely arrival of the raw materials. Keeping track of the arrived and pending materials, communicating the updates with the workers, raw material quality inspection, budgeting and negotiation of raw material prices with the respective vendors are some of the basic tasks that you would have to perform with industry-standard procurement skills.

  • Innovation Skills

As a new age interior designer, you have to cultivate a mindset of a visionary and an innovator. Today’s customers need experiential designs to satisfy their thirst for modern architectures. New age interior design thus seeks to render outputs that are perfect blends of customer demands and designer’s innovations. As customers might or might not be aware of new age trends, it is the designer’s responsibility to pleasantly surprise the customer by innovating the designs with new age elements. For this, the culture of innovation should be practiced at scale.

  • Management Skills

Sharpening your management skills will enable you to streamline your designing tasks with properly implemented practices of project management, financial management, customer feedback and iterations management, supply chain management, people management, etc. Many a times, not communicating progress updates with the customers and keeping track of their shifting demands derails the entire project. It is thus very important, that as a professional interior designer, you maintain agility in feedback cycles by providing periodic updates of the progress to the customer and keeping a tab on their changing demands (if any).

How Can Medhavi Skills University Help?

At Medhavi Skills University (MSU), you will gain comprehensive knowledge and skills on new age interior design through our technology-enabled pedagogies, skill drills, live projects and industry-aligned programs. Our practice + practical approach ensures that you receive quality higher education in this ever-evolving ecosystem. We provide you with the much-needed platform for shaping your professional competencies and cultivating a mindset of innovation. As a top ranked skill university, we aim at developing every young mind to be a trend-setter and leader in the futuristic interior design landscape.