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Top Career Options After Doing A BBA Degree

There are many different career options that guarantee a secure future for young individuals. BBA or the Bachelor of Business Administration is a fashionable career choice among them. The original prerequisite for MBA, this course is chosen by a multitude of students in the country. But is MBA alone the option for what to do after BBA? Or is there more to explore? This article talks in detail about the top three career options after BBA.

BBA college in Sikkim

Why is BBA A Great Career Choice?

BBA is a wonderful career choice because students have a wide range of options after earning a BBA degree. The students can steer their career across various fields or choose further study, such as an MBA, which has excellent employment and earning prospects. This course gives you the necessary abilities to gain an advantage in the job market as managers at top companies. Graduates of BBA programs can apply for positions in various industries, including retail, banking, marketing, construction, and more.

Future Scope of BBA in India

BBA has massive scope for high-paying jobs. Some of the most popular sectors where students can get a job include Human Resource Management, Finance, Sales and Marketing, and IT departments. There are many BBA career options to explore to get a good job in these sectors.

Many job opportunities are available in India for BBA grads. Particularly BBA graduates can work as management trainees in businesses’ sales and marketing divisions. Any organization will most likely offer a senior job to someone with a BBA degree and several years of professional experience. Starting Indian salaries in this profession range from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month.

Top Career Options After BBA

If you are thinking about what to do after BBA, then this blog might help you gain some ideas. After completing BBA from BBA marketing college in India, students are often confused about what to pursue next in order to land an established job. So, here are a few career options that cover a vast range, like fintech courses in India and others.

1: Bank Branch Manager

An employee who manages a bank or other financial institution’s branch’s operations is known as a branch manager. Managing resources and personnel, creating and achieving sales targets, providing customer service, and increasing the bank branch’s revenue are all duties that fall within the purview of the branch manager.

2: Business Development Manager

A business development manager is responsible for assisting firms to enhance the brand recognition and earn better revenue. In order to study current market trends and come up with fresh business ideas that can improve profit margins, they team up with company executives and sales and marketing professionals.

3: Digital Marketing Manager

Since almost every business has become online in these times, the need for a digital marketing manager is never-ending. You can take advantage of this situation with the help of your BBA degree. After completing your BBA, you can become an expert digital marketer. There are many courses available both online and offline, like the digital marketing course in Siliguri. Digital marketing is a field that will continue in demand for a few decades. So, with the increasing demand, you can also expect considerable revenue.

4: Head Sales Executive

The head of sales executive is responsible for overseeing all sales team activities, strategically planning and introducing new goods and services, and guaranteeing client satisfaction. Additionally, they are always looking for new ways to inspire the staff to raise team spirit and retention.

5: Public Relations Officers

The smooth coordination and management of internal and external communication when it comes to a brand’s reputation is the public relations officer’s responsibility.. A public relations officer responds to inquiries from media organizations for information. They seek to uphold a client’s or an organization’s favorable position in the market. Additionally, they organize press conferences, exhibits, tours, and visits and serve as the go-to person for both internal and external communication.

6: HR Coordinator

A human resources coordinator is in charge of overseeing all crucial HR procedures and initiatives. This comprises concerns expressed by present and potential employees as well as issues pertaining to employment, pay and benefits, contract negotiations, and employee relations.

7: Product Manager

Becoming a product manager is always a great career prospect after completing BBA in digital marketing colleges. Product managers collaborate with teams to make sure a product is successful. They conduct market research, run analytics, and make product development plans to determine how accurate their idea is. You can work as a product analyst, marketing manager, product designer, and in many other positions after becoming a product manager.

8: Data Scientist

Another popular option after completing a course from BBA colleges in Assam or BBA colleges in Sikkim is becoming a data scientist. Data science is one of the most desirable careers right now. A data scientist analyzes different kinds of structured and unstructured data to get insights on how to perform better as a company. Moreover, with skills in trending programming languages, as a data scientist, you will gain a solid income even as a fresher.

Why MSU is the best BBA College in Sikkim

MSU provides a plethora of advantages for students pursuing a BBA degree in Sikkim. You can acquire a professional management qualification in the field by learning about various functional factors of an institution. Additionally, you can choose from various options to specialize in key market areas. It is indeed a golden opportunity for students to soar high and fulfill their dreams.

Medhavi Skills University, being the top BBA college in North East India, provides 3 years of on-campus BBA courses in different subjects like BBA in digital marketing, BBA in logistics management, BBA in retail management, BBA in sales & marketing, BBA in fintech & digital banking, etc.

Our program is industry-anchored and in association with top companies as well. Get trained by industry experts and light up the leadership quality in you. With our practical sessions and internship opportunities, we get the most in-depth insights about the industry and get placed in top companies with high-paying jobs.


In a nutshell, BBA is a wonderful course that opens up several amazing career options. If you complete the course from a prestigious BBA college in Sikkim or anywhere else in India, you should definitely consider these top three career choices for your future. Moreover, you can learn most of the certification courses online if you wish to enroll in something other than an offline institution. So, without a doubt, being a BBA graduate gives you plenty of opportunities to rise high.