“MSU and Indian Airforce signs MoU to provide Higher Education for IAF fraternity”            “Last Date to submit RFP FOR QUALIFICATION & CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT has been extended till 15th June 2023.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with INIFD for the Fashion and Interior designing programmes.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with The Marriott Westin for the Hospitality & Hotel Management programmes.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with Critical Care Hospital & Research Institute for Healthcare programmes.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with The Fern Hotels & Resorts for the Hospitality & Hotel Management programmes.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with The Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPA).”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with Medicity Guwahati Aruna Memorial Hospital for Healthcare programmes.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with Holiday Inn Express an IHG Hotel for the Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Operations.”“Admission Open for Work Integrated Programme Session 2022-23.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with National Skill DevelopmentCorporation (NSDC) to promote long term skill-embedded degree/diploma courses among students who have completed either class 10 or 12.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn an IHG Hotel for the 3-Year Degree program in B.Sc. Hospitality & Hotel Management.”“Medhavi Skills University established on 24th June,2021.”“Medhavi Skills University is UGC Recognised.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with the Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with the Directorate General Of Training.”“Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with B4M Entertainment.”“Medhavi Skills University has signed an MoU with the Centre of Excellence in Maritime & Shipbuilding (CEMS), a skill development initiative by the Indian Register of Shipping (IRCLASS) and Sagarmala – Ministry of Ports, Shipping & Waterways.”

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Unlock the World of Travel and Hospitality: Study Tourism Management.

Tourism management is one of the most sought-after courses among college students. This is because tourism in general is an exciting discipline filled with challenges and opportunities. Students gain cross-cultural experience and overseas exposure along with a wide variety of interpersonal skillsets. But the modern tourism landscape is changing with strategic and technological innovations, and its significance is rising with time. Every nook and corner of the tourism industry is getting disrupted and revolutionized in this period of increasing globalization trends. Higher education institutes offering tourism management courses are also realizing the rising importance and changing landscape in the tourism industry, and are thus making changes in their curriculums to fit the latest industry trends. One such higher education institute is Medhavi Skills University (MSU) which offers industry-aligned programs in hospitality and tourism management, thereby skilling students with the latest best practices and innovations in the industry. But more of that later. First, let us dive into the comprehensive world of tourism and get a fair idea about this discipline and the innumerable career benefits it brings to the table.

What Is Tourism Management?

Tourism Management is an academic discipline as well as an industry-level practice that seeks to make travel and leisure as convenient as possible for customers. Within tourism; we can find elements of hospitality management ranging across practices pertaining to managing hotels, flights, travel plans, passport issuance, etc. This makes tourism a diverse academic field, as it is a holistic approach that trains students in almost all aspects of hospitality. MakeMyTrip, SOTC, Etihad, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Finnair, AirBnB, etc. are some of the most renowned tourism brands.

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What Are The Five Key Components Of Tourism Management?

  1. Transportation [Airlines, Car Rental, Water Transport, Coach Services, Railways, etc.]
  2. Accommodation [Hotels, Bread & Breakfast, Cruises, Shared Accommodation, etc.]
  3. Food & Beverages [Restaurants, Nightclubs, Bars & Cafes, Catering, etc.]
  4. Entertainment [Casino, Shopping, Events, Tour Guidance, Tourist Information, etc.]
  5. Consultations [Travel Agencies, Tour Planner, ID, Ticket, Passport & Visa Processing, etc.]

What Are The Latest Industry Trends You Should Be Aware Of As A Tourism Management Student?

  1. Improved Safety & Hygiene

In the post covid world, safety and hygiene have become the top priority for most customers. Any hospitality or tourism establishment falling short on this component risks losing its reputation in the market. Since they deal with visitors from all over the world, no customer would want to avail hospitality or tourism services that are causal when it comes to safety and hygiene. That is why; post-pandemic times have compelled tourism and other hospitality establishments in providing safety and hygiene kits.

  1. Rise In Contactless Payments

Gone are the days when cash payments used to be the main tender for economic exchange. Nowadays, with the rise in QR codes, people have shifted their means of payment from cash and cards to completely contactless payments facilitated by QR codes. Similarly, modern-day tourism and hospitality service providers have amped up their transaction ecosystem by shifting partly or fully to UPI-mediated payment strategies. This is not only making transaction settlements easier, but also maintaining the safe contactless payments trend that grew during the pandemic times.

  1. Voice Supported Tourism

Modern-day technology has enabled customers to clarify their doubts pertaining to tourism through voice search. Since almost all search engines host a voice search facility nowadays, it has become more convenient for customers to address most questions over the voice search facility, without the help of manual consultations. Tourism and Hospitality service providers are thus tapping into this opportunity by incorporating voice support facilities in their websites and social media handles in the form of chatbots, virtual assistants, etc. This not only reduces the expenses of manual staffing but is also enabling tourism and hospitality service providers in reaching out to a higher number of customers in real time.

  1. Virtual Tourism

The rise of the metaverse and extended reality technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, hybrid reality, etc., has ushered in a new era of virtual travel and tourism. Here, customers do not have to necessarily pack their bags and leave their homes in order to avail tourism and hospitality services. They only need to purchase metaverse or extended realities technology to step into the innovative world of virtual tourism. This new age strategy is becoming exponentially popular, as it holds the potential to sustain the tourism and hospitality industry through harsh pandemic times without having to incur losses due to lockdowns and travel restrictions.

  1. Sustainable Tourism

With rising concerns around climate change, sustainable development has become one of the key reputation drivers across businesses. Tourism and hospitality being no exception are incorporating the concept of sustainable tourism to attract more and more climate-conscious customers and stakeholders. The concept of eco-tourism is being supported and advocated by tourism and hospitality players across the world. Customers too recognize a brand through its sustainable efforts that create a distinguished reputation in their minds, when compared with other regular service providers. Sustainable tourism is the new buzzword in the global market.

  1. Personalized Tourism

This is one of the most important things tourism and hospitality service providers can do for their customers. People nowadays prefer availing services that are closely aligned with their tastes and preferences. For example, streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, etc. recommend content according to the discrete taste of their viewers. Similarly, tourism and hospitality players are leveling up their game by catering to their customers with facilities, services, and amenities that make the latter feel at home. Examples can include private flight cabins, options for hotel room design, materials, and position selection, customizable destinations, etc.

  1. Smart Tourism

Emerging technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and Extended Reality Technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Hybrid Reality, Metaverse, etc.), etc. are revolutionizing the tourism sector with new age innovations. Take for example IoT. It is enabling customers to minimize their effort in remembering to notify hotel and hospitality service providers regarding certain services. As soon as they step inside a hotel or tourism service platform, the connected IoT devices automatically collaborate to provide the respective services at scale. Similarly, AI (including robotics, computer vision, machine learning, etc) is enhancing ID authentication services and reducing the costs of manual staffing, blockchain is enhancing customer data protection and verification services, extended reality technologies are increasing service extension and flexibility, etc. Smart tourism is becoming the new global trend.

What Popular Career Options Do You Get After Studying Tourism Management?

  1. Travel Author
  2. Executive Chef
  3. Tour Guide
  4. Event Manager
  5. Travel Consultant
  6. Hotel Manager
  7. Resort Manager
  8. Restaurant Manager
  9. Public Relations Manager
  10. Interpreter

What Skills Do You Need To Have As A Tourism Management Student?

  1. Confidence & Optimism
  2. Communication fluency
  3. Good interpersonal skills
  4. Pleasant and amicable personality
  5. Good Leadership Abilities
  6. Diligence & grooming ability
  7. Flexibility & Fitness
  8. Discipline & Commitment
  9. Appropriate Zeal & Initiative
  10. Grievance management skills
  11. Patience & Agility
  12. Research skills
  13. Problem-solving abilities
  14. Organizational skills
  15. Time management skills
  16. Strong networking competencies
  17. Ability To Teamwork At Scale
  18. Willingness To Work Hard

How Can Medhavi Skills University (MSU) Help You Tap Into This Opportunity?

At MSU, we offer three years full-time Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree program in Hospitality & Tourism Management. Here, students not only gain comprehensive learning but also get updated with the latest industry trends and practices. This enables students to be industry ready and makes them good hires in some of the top tourism players in the global economy.

Final Thoughts

Tourism Management will forever remain one of the most diverse and sought-after disciplines among students. Although the tourism sector received a heavy blow in the pandemic era, emerging technologies and increasing globalization and networking are improving the prospects of travel, tourism, and hospitality domains as a whole. The future does seem quite promising when it comes to building a career in the ever-evolving field of tourism management.