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The must-have skills for every Artists-to-be!

Artists are not made in one day; they are aspiring persons with the special power of imagination and creativity. While you pursue your educational career in Fine Arts, never deprive yourself of the following skills, as they are the key factors that an artist is made of.

Learning the variation of Line Contour

Similar line weight in a sketch or drawing creates an unimpressive stiffness. Professional sketch artists and experts usually vary the weight of lines and maintain a life-like line contouring which makes the sketches and drawing more realistic and detail-oriented.

Get Inspired by Real Life

Imitating the work of others and repainting images is okay to begin with as students, but as an artist, your real skill will be creating your work inspired by real life. Improving your skills for real-life drawing helps your brain work out the details in 3D.

Know the Materials

The art of producing great paintings and sketches requires the artist to know the uses of an endless variety of art materials. Knowledge of various art materials and acquiring the expertise in using them is more than necessary because, as an artist, the whole process counts from choosing the right canvas to selecting the correct size of the brush, all of which reflects in the artistic creation.

Proportional Knowledge of Drawing and Painting

Maintaining proportional correctness makes a sketch or drawing more realistic and attentively detailed. Learning the skills of scanning an image from a proportional point of view gives a clear idea of connection points and angles to the budding artists.

The Knowledge of Linear Point of View

As an expert mathematician would master the formulas of math, a student of art needs to focus on understanding the rules of visual perspectives and dimensions to avoid flaws of linear perspective in the artwork.

Right Perspective of the Atmosphere

The background of a realistic work of art counts as much as the focused object. That’s why sharpening your skills at bringing out the atmospheric details with a proper multidimensional perspective is a must.

A lesson of the basic Beginner’s Mistakes

A good art trainer can help you acquire this skill because they usually have experienced a similar pattern of overly made mistakes by the beginners, so when you start learning from the mistakes of others, it speeds up your learning process more than anything.

Knowledge of Color Theory

A strong knowledge base of color theory is essential to any great artist. The art of mixing colors and using customized hues to work out beautiful shades is a crucial feature for an artist to possess. The core skills that you acquire from color theory make you confident and reliable in your artistic profession.

Expertise in Brush and Pencil Strokes

Different ways of holding and using a brush or pencil results in different weight and contour of strokes, and one who has mastered this skill can take artistic excellence to the next level.

Knowledge of Human and Animal Figure

If you wish to bring out the fine details of the human face and body or even animals, knowing the proportions of body parts and getting the knowledge of basic anatomy will make your artworks far more superior in realistic details and excellence. 

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