Aequs establishes a centre for research in Aerospace Manufacturing Technology in collaboration with MSU and NSDCMedhavi Skills University and Counsel India Unveil Pragati 2024 for Skill DevelopmentMSU and Indian Airforce signs MoU to provide Higher Education for IAF fraternity Last Date to submit RFP FOR QUALIFICATION & CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT has been extended till 15th June 2023.Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with NIFD Global for the Fashion and Interior designing programmes.Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with The Marriott Westin for the Hospitality & Hotel Management programmes.Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with Critical Care Hospital & Research Institute for Healthcare programmes.Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with The Fern Hotels & Resorts for the Hospitality & Hotel Management programmes.Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with The Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPA).Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with Medicity Guwahati Aruna Memorial Hospital for Healthcare programmes.Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with Holiday Inn Express an IHG Hotel for the Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Operations.Admission Open for Work Integrated Programme Session 2022-23.Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with National Skill DevelopmentCorporation (NSDC) to promote long term skill-embedded degree/diploma courses among students who have completed either class 10 or 12.Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn an IHG Hotel for the 3-Year Degree program in B.Sc. Hospitality & Hotel Management.Medhavi Skills University established on 24th June,2021.Medhavi Skills University is UGC Recognised.Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with the Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council.Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with the Directorate General Of Training.Medhavi Skills University signed an MoU with B4M Entertainment.Medhavi Skills University has signed an MoU with the Centre of Excellence in Maritime & Shipbuilding (CEMS), a skill development initiative by the Indian Register of Shipping (IRCLASS) and Sagarmala – Ministry of Ports, Shipping & Waterways.


Assessment and evaluation at Medhavi Skills University are dynamic processes geared towards fostering student growth and development. Students' attainment of Teaching and Course Learning Outcomes (TLOs and CLOs) is evaluated through a diverse array of methods including assignments, quizzes, case studies, winter projects, and skill challenges. These varied assessment techniques offer students multiple avenues to demonstrate their understanding, critical thinking, and practical application of knowledge, thereby ensuring alignment with the university's educational objectives. Further continuous evaluation for Concept and Applied courses, employing a mix of assessment methods such as presentations, digital evaluations, and weekly assessments to promote equity and enhance learning outcomes.

Easy Evaluation - Effective Learning

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In India, assessments predominantly center around exams, favoring memorization over genuine learning. This method stifles curiosity, discourages exploration, and promotes rote memorization. Consequently, exams become stress-inducing events where students encounter high stakes, with minimal margin for error due to the make-or-break nature of the evaluation process. At Medhavi Skills University, we have revamped our assessment process to address these issues by incorporating more horizontal assessment modes rather than relying solely on a vertical approach. We have the following Primary Objectives:

  • Learning Outcome Based Education and Assessment
    • The goal of learning is in achievement of the program/curriculum goals.
    • Assessment methods and its questions must be mapped to each Course Level Outcome (CLO) and every CLO must be mapped to a Program Level Outcome (PLO).
  • Assessments must be continuous to include both formative/Internal and summative/External components. At MSU, we have varied mode of Assessments such as:
  • Written: Quizzes, Assignments, Report Writing, etc.
  • Oral: Viva, Group Discussions, etc.
  • Practical: Lab Work, Co-Curricular Activities, On Job Training, etc.
  • Integrated Mode: Presentations, Field Assignments, Case Studies, Projects, etc.

Assessments at Medhavi Skills University is characterized by its continuous nature, extending beyond reliance solely on end-of-semester examinations. Half of the learning process involves regular class attendance and active participation in various internal assessments, including quizzes, assignments, and term tests. These assessments are meticulously mapped according to the learning outcomes, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of students' progress and understanding.

Attendance plays an important role in Assessment and as per the UGC guidelines, 75% Attendance is mandatory to be able to appear for the Examination. At MSU, we also have provision for marking system in Attendance as per the image shown: