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Top 5 Career Opportunities for Students with a Degree in Hospitality Management

These days, students are more interested in having a degree in a specific field rather than wasting time and money in a common subject-based field. Students who have a degree in hospitality management have multiple opportunities ahead of themselves. There are various job opportunities and high-salary job profiles that students with hospitality management degrees can easily apply for and get in. Today, where customer experience is essential, hospital management courses can benefit students greatly in terms of getting good jobs and understanding consumer behavior and the hospitality industry.

Here are the top 5 career opportunities students can take after getting their degree in hospitality management.

Sales Manager in a restaurant chain:

The sales manager position is a great job profile if you have a hospitality management degree. The sales manager usually represents the company chain to external clients. The sales manager is responsible for handling all the activities that happen in the sales department, from checking and executing marketing strategies to maintaining a good relationship between clients and the company.

Things to become a sales manager:

  • Prior experience in hospitality
  • Amazing connection-building skill
  • A strong passion for this field
  • Good conversation
  • A degree in hospitality management
  • Real Estate Investment Analyst

You must be thinking about how a real estate investment analyst has anything to do with hospitality management? Well, a Real Estate investment analyst must deal with all the investment policies and guidelines. They are responsible for executing transactions on behalf of the company. They need to do a lot of market research and detect recent market trends, analyzing the company’s complex financial models and property database.

Things to become a Real Estate Investment Analyst:

  • Need to have prior experience and knowledge of financial models and metrics.
  • Ability to analyze the market
  • Understand difficult financial data

Quality Manager

A quality manager position means the person who ensures all the hotel operations and maintains customer service standards. Their task is to develop, communicate and execute different companies’ quality assurance plans.

Things to become a Quality Manager:

  • Ability to analyze and lead different teams
  • Good communication skills
  • Good presentation skills
  • Degree in hospitality management

Public Relations:

Although public relations is a completely different field, hospitality management students can also apply for any position in PR. A PR officer’s job is to develop strategic communications for the company and send them via every media. They are responsible for building or destroying a company’s good image.

Things to become a PRO:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Wide range of network
  • Ability to stay calm and collected in tough situations.
  • Ability to multitask

Event Planner

An event planner is also a great job profile. Event planners are always working with the sales coordinator. They are responsible for organizing any conferences, lectures, fairs, and weddings offered by the company.

Things to become an Event planner

  • Clear communication skills
  • Should have a more flexible schedule
  • Ability to multitask.

Ending words:

Along with the above-mentioned job positions, there are many other job profiles where students can apply if they have a hospitality management degree. Medhavi Skills University is among the top universities that offer hospitality management degree courses. So, get to know them if you plan to enroll your name in the hospitality management degree.