The healthcare industry in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16-17% to reach INR 8.6 lakh crore by FY22. Along with an ever-increasing need for doctors, there is also a need for highly skilled technicians and medical support staff in different segments of the industry. The key hurdles faced by the private healthcare sector in the country are shortage of medical and para-medical staff, lack of standardisation or accreditation and quality skilled healthcare professionals. There is a need for standardisation of training process for hospital staff to increase quality and reliability. Major challenges in imparting training include lacklustre training infrastructure, obsolete and unreliable curricula and insufficient training staff. Medhavi Skill University is the leading paramedical college in Sikkim, India, Which provides the best paramedical, healthcare and allied sciences courses to its medical students. Get a great Infrastructure and a strong faculty team with 100% job assistance.

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